INVACARE Rea Clematis

Each Azalea is bespoke built to order with numerous seating options to carefully accommodate each wheelchair user’s individual needs. By contrast, the Clematis comes either as a transit wheelchair in a standard configuration with three chassis widths or as a slightly more expensive self-propelled wheelchair. The self-propelled version also has three widths, plus a small number of configuration options. The Clematis is often viewed as the budget Rea Azalea but still offers excellent value.


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The REA Clematis is the perfect solution for those seeking a pressure-relieving seat. This chair provides both stability and comfort, with an adjustable seat and backrest to ensure maximum support. With its customizable angles, the REA Clematis helps shift the pressure between your seat and backrest while simultaneously opening your hip angle for greater comfort. Moreover, the REA Clematis provides convenience, as it can be easily adjusted and stowed away when needed. Whether you are looking for extra support or more comfort in your office chair, the REA Clematis can help meet all of your needs.

Leg Comfort ~Positions

Featuring an angle adjustable leg rest and various possibilities of adjustments, you’ll experience a level of comfort that’s customised to your body’s needs. Each position can be adjusted to find the perfect balance between style and comfort. With its adjustable height settings, this product will meet your every need – from relaxation to work modes.


The Rea Clematis is a groundbreaking wheelchair offering superior comfort and mobility. Our adjustable design features high pivot points around the pelvis and knee, helping you achieve the perfect fit. We minimize sheering and reduce body compression to help improve your posture while keeping the headrest and trunk supports at the same height regardless of backrest angle. Offering advanced options for adjustability, comfort, and support, the Rea Clematis is designed with both short-term use and long-term ergonomics in mind. Move freely with confidence in our reliable, cutting-edge technology that allows you to customize your seating arrangement to your singular needs

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