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Walking Aids

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Aids

Traditionally there were only one style of both the three and four wheel walkers – now the market is bustling with options and differnt models. When we put a range of products together we have to cater for both the needs and requirements of the customer as well as their budget.


It is also important that all of the rollators and walkers offer some value differential to the customer and give the customer a unique option. Rollators in particular have come a long way over the past few years and the very latest models offer many different options and variations such as seat height, widths, bags etc and so we have to make sure we have all of the latest models on show for our customers to browse and look at.


All of the models that are shown on our website are available to try and test in our showrooms.

Most rollators tend to fit into a boot of a car and are easily foldable so that they can conveniently be placed in a vehicle and transported if necessary. You’ll likely want a folding rollator, especially if you plan on traveling with it.


Fold & Go

The latest rollators will fold left to right as opposed to front to back and this makes them easier to fold and transport. Many rollators will also fit into the foot well of the back seat of a vehicle.


Compact & Lightweight

Three wheel walkers fit into the boot with ease and fold up very compact in comparison to a rollator.

We can adjust the walker height to suit the user and we do this by measuring the distance between the floor and the centre of the wrist whilst a person is standing up with their arms hanging relaxed down the side of their body.


Handle Height

With a rollator, because you are standing as well as sitting down it is important that the handles are also set appropriately so that you you can sit / stand safely when using the walker. The width of a walker is set by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted.


Seat Height

Many of the latest rollators are now available in various seat heights and it is important to sit on the rollator and make sure your feet are flat on the ground. The three wheeled walker can also be height adjusted to suit the user.

Bags & Holders

Virtually all 3 & 4 wheeled walkers come with some form of bag or pouch and the latest walkers encompass a bag that can be detached and carried using a shoulder strap for further convenience. The tri walkers bag will fold with the walker and so needs to be emptied before folding.


Stick Holder

Many of the rollators now encomapss a stick holder which is very handy and the only 3 wheel walker that does this is the Uniscan walker.



Other accessories may be available to purchase separately. You can order accessories such as a basket organiser or a cup holder.

Applying for VAT relief

Providing the person buying the walker is registered disabled or has a recognised long term illness or medical condition then, VAT relief can be applied.


Buying for a friend, relative or loved one

It is also acceptable for a friend or relative to buy the walker on behalf of the person using the equipment (providing the conditions are met). You can also obtain VAT relief to related mobility products and services such as mattresses, servicing and spare parts.

Uniscan are the only manufacturer who, in our opinion, make a very safe 3 wheel walker with a seat. There are other models available online but we have found that they tend to tip quite easily and don’t really support the user safely.


Uniscan 3 wheel walker are tried and tested and are made with aircraft aluminium and so are aslo incrediably light. We have many customers who use this walker in the garden as well as the seat can act as a kneeling bench when gardening or further support is required.

Zimmer frames are more for indoor use around the home and are designed to give the user support whilst walking. Walking frames tend to be very lightweight and sturdy to prevent any slippage or falls. Magbility only stock the walking frames with wheels at the rear.


Domestic Zimmer frames are usually narrow with a width of 53cm so getting around the house and through doors is made easier. There is the option to go to an ultra narrow walker for those that require it.


Walking frames can be adjusted in height and usually the range is 26-37″ and our rehab product specialists can make sure that the frame is set to the right height for the use.


Certain walking frames also fold and so can be stowed and transported easily.

Which is the right walker or rollator for me?

4-Wheel Walkers / Rollators

4-wheel walkers, or rollators as they are also known, provide stability to the user whilst walking and act a little bit like pushing a shopping trolley at the supermarket. The rollator will improve your walking rhythm and pattern as it runs ever so slightly quicker than you can walk.


The rollator / 4-wheel walker provides more stability than a 3-wheel walker / tri walker and has the main advantage of being able to be used as a seat should the user wish to stop and have a rest.

Range of heights & sizes

Rollators come in a range of heights and seat sizes and are all aluminium and fold into a car quite easily. The possible downside to a rollator is the overall width of the walker makes it a little more cumbersome to steer and get through doorways and narrow corridors.


3-Wheel Walkers

The upside to a 3-wheel rollator / walkers is that they are a little narrower and therefore have a tighter, better turning radius than their 4-wheel rollator counterparts.


The 3-wheel tri walkers are also a little lighter to lift and fold very easily. There is only one 3-wheel walker that we offer that has a seat and this means that the majority of our 3-wheel walkers do not offer this benefit to the user.

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