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A two year premium warranty on all of our product range. Should any issues or problems arise we are on call to help.

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    Choosing the Right Powerchair For Your Needs

    In showroom or at home assessments

    Assessments can be conducted either in our Birmingham and Worcester showrooms. If you are unable to make it to our showroom, we offer in-home assessments so you can test out your powerchair in the environment it will be used in Our full range is on display and available for you to test out with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

    Getting correctly assessed for a prescriptive powerchairs is crucial and we will take the time to measure you up and go through all possible options to ensure you find the perfect fit. We also understand that some individuals require high-level pressure care and postural support, which is why we offer assessments with one of our partnered Occupational Therapists

    Try before you buy

    Our showrooms across the Midlands boast an extensive range of powered wheelchairs for you to try, from standard models to specialist chairs, ensuring you find the right one for you. We are committed to delivering a service that is second to none and we are proud of the exceptional level of support we offer our clients.

    Visit any of our showrooms, we invite you to explore the full range of our models. Our experienced specialists are on hand to assess your needs and recommend a suitable product and seating system that matches your medical requirements.

    Powerchair options

    Powerchairs have come a long way in recent years and there are now several types available that are designed with specific functions in mind. When considering a powerchair, it is important to first assess where the chair will be used most frequently. Some models are designed for indoor use only, while others are built to handle outdoor terrain. Wheel drive is also a key factor to consider, as different types offer varying levels of stability and manoeuvrability. Ultimately, selecting the right powerchair requires careful consideration and understanding of your specific needs.

    Indoor powerchairs

    When it comes to indoor powerchairs, manoeuvrability is of utmost importance. These powerchairs are designed to navigate through tight spaces and turns, making it crucial for them to have a small turning circle for maximum manoeuvrability. If you have narrow doors in your home, it’s crucial to ensure that the overall width of the powerchair can fit through comfortably.

    Mid-wheel drive powerchairs are particularly good at turning on the spot, making them an excellent choice for indoor use. However, it’s important to keep in mind that configurable chairs may offer greater customisation options, allowing you to tailor the chair to your specific indoor needs.

    Outdoor powerchairs

    When it comes to using powerchairs outdoors, there are some important factors to consider. Not all powerchairs are created equal when it comes to handling rough terrain, steep slopes, and even curbs. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s crucial to invest in a powerchair that is specifically designed to handle these challenges. When it comes to navigating the streets in a powered wheelchair, kerb climbing abilities are crucial.

    While dropped kerbs are usually available, there may be occasions where they aren’t. Rear-wheel drive chairs will require a kerb climber to manage this, while only more advanced mid-wheel drive chairs will be able to climb kerbs without one. Other factors also play a significant role in wheelchair performance, including the power of the chair’s motors, the size of its wheels, and the level of suspension it has.

    It’s important to consider these elements carefully when selecting a powered wheelchair that meets your needs. Higher-end Class 3 powerchairs offer a top speed of 6 or 8 mph and can be driven on roads, but even Class 2 chairs with a top speed of 4 mph can provide a significant benefit to user.

    Travel powerchairs

    For those who depend on a powered wheelchair to get around, transportation can often be a challenge. The weight and bulkiness of standard powerchairs make them impossible to lift into a car, restricting mobility greatly. However, transportable powered wheelchairs have made it possible for individuals to maintain their independence without sacrificing transportation. The latest travel powerchair to come to the markets is the Sunrise Medical Q50 carbon travel powerchair.

    These modern folding wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to lift, making them a perfect option for those who frequently travel. Additionally, lithium batteries and auto-folding designs are available, providing even greater convenience and ease of use. When it comes to using your powerchair on public transport, it’s important to be aware of the size restrictions that may be in place. This can vary depending on the bus or train company, so it’s always a good idea to check with them first.

    If you’re looking to make things as easy as possible, a compact powerchair may be the way to go. Not only are they generally easier to manoeuvre, but they tend to be better suited for dedicated wheelchair spaces.

    Paediatric powerchairs

    Parents and caregivers who are in need of children’s wheelchairs and paediatric mobility products understand the importance of safety and ease of use. It is crucial to have a wheelchair that can adapt to the child’s growth and development. This is why we offer a range of paediatric wheelchairs with adjustable seating options that cater to the needs of your child in the long term.

    Showroom or Online Ordering

     Visit one of our showrooms in Birmingham, Bromsgrove or Worcester. Or order online and choose our click and collect service. Or order online and we can deliver to your door.

    Premium Local Delivery

    Local Delivery on Your Doorstep

    Order online or in the showroom and we will deliver your mobility product to the door. We will install products such as stairlifts and riser recliners and test them with you so we can answer any technical questions.