TGA Strongback Self Propel

The Strongback wheelchair boasts a unique seating solution that promotes proper posture by providing an upright position unlike traditional manual chairs. Its curved back ensures that the user’s spine experiences reduced curvature and pain, while the seat alignment aligns the pelvis, supporting healthier ergonomic posture and preventing slipping and slouching forwards.

Not only is the wheelchair comfortable for the user, but it also caters to the person pushing it. Weighing only 11.3 kg, it is easy to push and lift, making it a great option for attendants. With its foldable backrest, the Strongback wheelchair is a practical choice for anyone in need of a comfortable and lightweight mobility solution.


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Back Support

The Strongback’s unique seating sets it apart, promoting proper posture with its curved back. Rather than slumping, the user is kept in a healthy and upright position, reducing the discomfort often experienced with other manual chairs. The pelvis is aligned by the seat angle, ensuring proper ergonomic posture and reducing slipping or slouching forward. This provides proper lumbar support, reducing curvature to the spine and mitigating pain.

Quick Release Wheels

The wheelchair’s lightweight design at just 11.3 kg makes it an effortless push. It features wide-spaced push handles to offer the correct stance for maximum control, and the backrest folds flat while the frame folds together in seconds, easily fitting into the back of a car. These features offer convenient use for both the wheelchair occupant and the attendant pushing it.

Compact for Travel

The Transit version of the Strongback comes equipped with lighter, smaller wheels at the back, making it an ideal choice for someone who will be pushed. Conversely, the Strongback Self Propelled is a better option for wheelchair users who may wish to propel themselves, particularly indoors. Additionally, the Strongback comes in both 16 and 18 inch seat widths, ensuring a comfortable fit for most individuals. It boasts a weight capacity of 18 stone, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a high-quality wheelchair.

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