The Karma Flexx HD is a robust yet lightweight wheelchair designed with comfort and practicality in mind for users of all sizes. While the standard Flexx model has a weight capacity of 136 kg (21 stone), the Flexx HD is engineered to safely support up to 170 kg (26.5 stone) thanks to a strengthened frame and widened seat. This heavy-duty model retains the maneuverability and convenience of the original Flexx, making it an ideal solution for larger individuals seeking an easy-to-propel wheelchair suitable for both daily life and travel. Despite its enhanced durability, the Flexx HD remains lightweight and practical.


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Drop Handles

The innovative foldable push-bar attachment offers a convenient and ergonomic solution for maneuvering wheelchairs. Securely fastened to the wheelchair’s handles, the sturdy yet lightweight push-bar allows caretakers to guide the chair with a single hand, reducing physical strain. Its foldable design seamlessly integrates with the wheelchair for compact storage without removal. This practical add-on provides much-needed assistance to those who rely on wheelchairs, enabling them to focus on what matters most rather than being hindered by the challenges of mobilizing such equipment

Heavy Duty

The Flexx HD heavy-duty wheelchair offers enhanced stability and durability for users with more significant support needs. Its robust double cross brace, adjustable centre-of-gravity, and larger seat options provide unparalleled strength and stability, enabling it to safely support up to 170kg. Despite its considerable capacity, the Flexx HD retains the versatility of the standard Flexx, remaining compatible with all Flexx accessories. This powerful yet practical heavy-duty wheelchair gives users the freedom to live actively without compromise.


The Flexx wheelchair incorporates a multitude of adjustable dimensions and components to fully customize the user experience. Its backrest angle, height, and seat dimensions including width and depth are all configurable to precisely fit individual body types and needs. Coupled with diverse wheel options, the Flexx’s extensive adjustability allows for a personalized fit and handling to suit any user’s specific requirements and lifestyle. With so much flexibility built-in, the Flexx can be finely tuned to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and maneuverability.

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