Emob Velumili Lithium

Every little detail on the VelumiLi is striking…With a weight of only 28.8 kg, this is the lightest Rascal mobility scooter ever. For added peace of mind, there is a 2-year warranty on both the scooter and the British-made lithium phosphate battery pack.

With a lithium ferrophosphate battery, the VelumiLi is an excellent lightweight, portable scooter that offers excellent value for money. It can travel at a speed of 4 mph. Although the slimline, high-quality aluminium frame is only 18.6 inches wide and packed with features and offers a choice of five vibrant colours

£1,499.00 (excl. VAT)
£1,798.80 (incl. VAT)

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Lithium Power

You won’t want to miss this next-generation model if you’re among the many people who value the lighter end of Electric Mobility’s scooter line. The VelumiLi Rascal Mobility Scooter is a statement in every detail. With a weight of only 32.8 kg (including the battery), this is the lightest Rascal ever. Electric Mobility has put a lot of effort and faith into the VelumiLi Rascal. in order for customers to benefit from a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. And the battery pack is covered by that warranty. Among the many batteries available, this British-made, air-safe lithium ferro-phosphate power source is unique.

Car Friendly

The Velumali can be instantly disassembled into its five components and easily reassembled at destination. The heaviest part only weighs 15kg, so even a solo traveler can easily manage it. The design makes it easy to store even when not in use. Off-board charging means you can pack the scooter away and take the battery home to charge.


For the money, this little but powerful 4 mph boot scooter is excellent. The slimline aluminium frame, which comes in five eye-catching colours, is only 18.6 inches wide, but its robust frame and transaxle give an excellent ride quality. A smooth ride is provided by two 8-inch compound tires. One easy access charging point is located on the battery box, and the other is on the tiller. The latter can be taken off to charge indoors.

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