Weighing just 17.9kg with its simple to remove battery removed and 19.9kg in total, it is perfect for those with limited strength or agility problems that need assistance when traveling from place to place. The lightweight design ensures you can easily transport the product without any added strain. Plus, with an easy to remove lithium battery pack that weighs just 2kg and offers both on or off board charging options, you don’t have to worry about running out of power at a crucial moment. With mLite nothing is holding you back from experiencing life as it should be freely enjoyed.

£1,899.00 (excl. VAT)
£2,278.80 (incl. VAT)

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With its folding mechanism, the MLite can be assembled or broken down in a matter of minutes, making it perfect for those who are constantly on-the-go. Additionally, the extendable handle makes it easily transportable like a suitcase without being too bulky or taking up too much space. Weighing in at less than almost every airline’s baggage allowance, you won’t have to worry about overpacking when traveling abroad with this lightweight scooter! The frame is intelligently designed to slide into a small and portable package that makes it easy to store when not in use.

Lithium power

The Lithium-ion batteries are much smaller and lighter than traditional batteries, and also have a longer life with regular use, therefore ideal for frequent users.

Lithium Power

The MLites small and lightweight frame doesn’t mean that other areas have been compromised……with a range of 6 miles, and an 18 stone weight limit there is plenty of scope for a day out in town. The powerful motor allows it to outperform most small scooters on the market, whilst the extra soft compound solid tyres and soft rubber seat also provide a level of comfort usually only provided on larger scooters.

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