KYMCO K-Lite Autofold

Introducing K-Lite, the ultimate folding scooter! This ultra-lightweight scooter is designed to offer easy storage, transportation and handling. It incorporates the latest technologies in lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys, electronics, and folding mechanisms, while still being incredibly durable and safe to use. K-Lite comes in two variations: K-Lite FE (Electric) and K-Lite F (Manual). Both of these models feature a personal wireless key-fob remote for hands-free folding and unfolding that can be used for convenience when on the go. Additionally, there are fold & unfold buttons located underneath the controls for those moments when you may misplace or lose your wireless key-fob remote.

£2,200.00 (excl. VAT)
£2,640.00 (incl. VAT)

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Designed with Convenience

Introducing K-Lite folding scooters, designed with convenience in mind. Crafted using lightweight aluminum, these scooters are not only lightweight but also durable. You won’t have to worry about the battery running out of charge either! Our 1.64 kg ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack lets you can carry it indoors for convenient charging. To make it even more convenient for you, we added a simple, quick release & removable seat so that you can create an even lighter package to lift. Additionally, an “under-your-seat” storage bag is included that allows you to store your valuables conveniently close by


Introducing the K-Lite folding scooter – the perfect solution for eco-friendly, compact transportation. K-Lite comes with two options – K-Lite FE (Electric), or K-Lite F (Manual). The electric version features a personal wireless key-fob remote that allows you to fold and unfold your scooter with just one click – super convenient! Plus, for those days when you’ve misplaced your remote, there are also buttons to fold and unfold your scooter under the standard controls.

Storage Galore..

Tamper proof lock & unlock functions – Keep your scooter secure with our tamper proof lock and unlock functions. Easily fold, unfold and securely lock closed your scooter in seconds. No need to worry about it traveling or roaming away.

– Lightweight design – With its special lightweight aluminum frame and 1.64kg ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack, KLITE can be easily carried indoors to charge it conveniently. A removable seat allows you to create an even lighter package to lift.

– Under-your-seat storage bag – Our KLITE folding scooter comes with a convenient “under-your-seat” storage bag, so you can keep all of your valuables close at hand when you’re out and about. Make sure not to leave anything behind!

– Portable and easy to store – The KLITE folding scooter is highly portable so you can take it anywhere you go. It is also very easy to store at home for convenience! Enjoy the ultimate mobility freedom with KLITE folding scooter.

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