Veo Sport LiFe

The impressive power of this ultra-light yet formidable machine means you can cruise with confidence no matter what terrain you happen upon. And for those tough uphill climbs? No problem – the Tiller Charging point guarantees a smooth ride up and down whatever comes your way. Plus, LED lights give excellent visibility even through the darkest paths or when riding late into night, while the front bumper keeps both you and your valuable belongings safe during your travels.


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Built for Transport

The Veo Sport LiFe = is designed for the customer who needs their scooter to easily take apart, be practical and look great. It offers an exclusive all-around suspension guarantee for a comfortable ride, an LED front light so you can feel safe at night, and its distinctive look makes a statement wherever you go.

Fantastic Suspension

With a unique all-round suspension system for enhanced comfort, this product is ideal for those who need greater freedom in their daily life. Benefit from a five-piece foldable design perfect for storing and traveling with ease. Made child’s play with its simple assembly of parts, you’ll be moving again in no time. A choice of three speed settings allows you to select your ideal level of maneuverability while intuitive controls make it easy to navigate even in tight spaces.

Sitting Comfy..

Experience premium comfort with a built-in cushion in a supportive Sports Seat featuring detailed stitching to improve your posture while enjoying a variety of different environments. Not only can you cruise in style and comfort, but also feel safe knowing that your mobility device is well protected. The VeoLife features a useful front bumper to safeguard your investment from unexpected bumps and bruises. Plus, with an LED front light, you can enjoy peace of mind when travelling in reduced lighting or dusk conditions; this bright powerful light will help ensure that both you and the chair are seen at all times.

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