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Healthcare Recliners

2 Year Warranty

2 year premium warranty on all of our products. Any issues or problems we are on call to help.

Local Showrooms

Park right outside our showrooms and come and try and test out any of the products you see on our website.

Home Visit

If you want us to come over and try out any products at your home just let us know a suitable time and date.

Premium Delivery

All prices include premium delivery, testing, setup and any adjustments your product may require to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Recliners

British furniture manufacturing has a history spanning hundreds of years. If you’re looking for new furniture, we recommend you buy British and we’re proud to stock a full range of British-made furniture brands.


  • Repose Furniture
  • Wilcare Group
  • Sitting Pretty
  • Pride Mobility
  • Recliners Limited
  • Rise and Recline
  • Electric Mobility – Cosy Chair Range


Whether you’re looking for high quality postured piece of repose furniture or something to address your clinical need and comfort, at Magbility you will always find a British-made piece of furniture to suit your needs.

If you’re unable to visit one of our Midlands based showrooms, we can bring the showroom to you!


Use our online shop to help you look through our range of riser recliner furniture, healthcare, and postured products. We can then book a date in the diary to come and see you. We refer to this as our Test & Explore mobility service.


Exploring at home means we can bring literally any product to your door. Certain mobility furniture such as pressure care and positioning products do take a little more planning. Our assessment team can provide expert consultancy advice to make sure we maximise our time together.

To accomplish a good posture in any chair, it needs to be the correct size for you.


Magbility provide a size option on all our chair ranges, express riser recliners, made to measure and healthcare furniture. What we are looking for is that you can be seated in the chair in a comfortable upright position, with your legs upheld to under the knee and your back supported from the lower back to head, and your feet placed firmly on the floor.


As you then move the chair in to your optimum position, you can achieve maximum comfort and support from head to toe.

Magbility provides a large range of Classic & Express riser recliner chairs and healthcare furniture that can be quickly delivered to your door.


We have set our ranges of Classic & Express chairs into 3 delivery options that give you choice and flexibility that suits your needs.


  1. Express – 3 days delivery with limited size and fabric options
  2. Classic – 7 to 21 days delivery with large range of sizes and fabrics / leather and wipe down fabrics available
  3. Made to order – 4 to 6 weeks delivery with an assessment lead approach, that explores certain mobility furniture such as pressure care and positioning products do take a little more planning


Our assessment team can provide expert consultancy advice to make sure we maximise our time together.

When you are thinking about buying a postured piece of furniture, first of all think about how long you will be sat in the chair. Most manufacturers are making furniture that is designed to be sat in for short periods throughout the day and will put aesthetics over support or comfort.


That’s not to say we can’t offer you a stylish made chair. Our aim is to find a chair that suits your size, style and comfort, but at the same time making sure it addresses your needs, making it easy to stand and alight from the chair and blending in with your furniture.


We offer a wide range of upholstered contemporary British fabrics, leather and stain resistant finishes.

No, you can choose the right action that suits your needs. If you do not want the back to move, we can offer a dual action mechanism that only allows the feet to raise for pressure relief and circulation, then the chair to stand, so you can easily alight from the chair.

Magbility only uses suppliers that are registered UK based manufactures. This allows us to guarantee on going spare parts and maintenance to any chair purchased.


All our British made furniture is made to the highest standards and comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty. This is what allows Magbility to supply a comprehensive 2 years warranty including parts, labour and callout, giving you complete confidence and peace mind in your new chair.

Choosing the right motor for your riser recliner

Single Motor Riser Recliner

With a single motor chair, both the backrest and footrest move simultaneously when you recline the chair. As you bring the chair out of the recline position, the backrest rises and the footrest falls before the chair continues to move. Single motor chairs are easier to operate as there are only two buttons, but they do not offer as many seating options as dual motor chairs, so you should get advice before purchasing one.


Dual Motor Riser Recliner

Dual motor riser recliner chairs have two motors, one for controlling the backrest, and one for controlling the footrest. This means you can adjust the backrest and footrest independently, allowing for an infinite number of positions. If you’re shopping for a riser recliner chair, it’s likely that you want to increase your independence and mobility. Hence, dual motor riser recliner chairs are becoming increasingly popular.


With our dual motor rise and recline chairs, the handheld remote control allows you to adjust your seating.

Ways to find your perfect Healthcare Recliner

Get expert advice with our needs based consultation over the phone. Call our advisors now on 01905 969 203 or request a call back below.

Discover our full product range in our latest brochure. Request to receive by post or email by completing the form linked to below.
Answer questions in our online assessment to help you choose a bed that is right for you. The assessment takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Why Magbility?

We are a leading mobility specialist dedicated to stylish design and the power of technology to enhance lives and deliver comfort.

– Leading Mobility Specialist

– Personal Expert Advice

– 2 Year Premium Warranty

Rapid Home Delivery & Setup

Our industry-leading logistics and engineer network enables us to offer fast, efficient delivery and support.

Three distribution and installation hubs across the Midlands:
Birmingham | Bromsgrove | Worcester

Local Mobility Specialists


Magbility are your local mobility specialists. With disabled access showrooms spanning across Birmingham and Worcestershire we have over 20 years of experience in the mobility industry.

Professional In-house Delivery


We can deliver on a day and at a time that is convenient for you. Our professional in-house delivery team will arrive on site, set your new piece of mobility equipment up and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new mobility product.

Removal & Recycling Service


We can remove your used mobility scooter, powerchair, stairlift and furniture when we make your delivery. Just let us know in advance so we can ensure there is enough space on our delivery van. We recycle all old mobility furniture and scooter batteries.