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Mobility Scooters

2 Year Warranty

2 year premium warranty on all of our products. Any issues or problems we are on call to help.

Local Showrooms

Park right outside our showrooms and come and try and test out any of the products you see on our website.

Home Visit

If you want us to come over and try out any products at your home just let us know a suitable time and date.

Premium Delivery

All prices include premium delivery, testing, setup and any adjustments your product may require to suit your needs.

We're here to help. If you have any questions call us on 01905‍ 969‍ 203

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobility Scooters

Yes, we understand that even the most careful of drivers can fall victim to circumstances out of their control. Our mobility scooter insurance policy is specifically designed to give you peace of mind and keep you mobile.


Mark Bates Insurance

We offer 3 insurance products from Mark Bates Insurance Limited which start from £86 per annum and includes breakdown recover. If you are a brand new customer and your product is valued under £5,000 you get 3 months insurance completely free.

At Home

Yes, use our online shop to help you look through our range of mobility products. We can then book a date in the diary to come and see you. We refer to this as our Test & Explore mobility service.



To ensure you choose the scooter or powered wheelchair that is right for you, a specially trained advisor will be happy to come to your home with a selection of products for you to try. Exploring at home means we can bring literally any product to your door.

Magbility offers a large range of light weight aluminium collapsible and folding scooters that are now available with ultra-light lithium-ion batteries.



Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to handle a scooter on your own, larger foldable versions can be heavy or awkward for a single person lift. With dismantling scooters, the tiller is usually the heaviest part so it’s best to come to one of our local midlands showrooms and try lifting it before you buy.


You can also buy hoists to lift them in and out of cars.


This depends on how often you use your scooter, but you could be looking at around 18 months to 2 years for sealed lead acid batteries and 3-5 years for for lithium-ion batteries.


Annual Service

When your battery is fading, you’ll notice its capacity will reduce and you won’t be able to travel the distances you once did on a single charge. For this reason, it’s a good idea to book an annual service and consider replacing your batteries then.


About Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries come in a range of different materials including Lead Acid AGM, Gel and Lithium-ion. All the latest battery technology offers different solutions at varying price points to suit the user. It’s important to note that lithium is only available on the travel and portable scooters and not on the larger pavement and class 3 mobility scooters (yet).


Lead Acid

Lead acid batteries tend to offer excellent range and value for money and are at a lower price point in comparison to lithium batteries. However, they are heavier and take longer to charge than the lithium scooter batteries.



Lithium batteries offer a longer lifespan than lead acid batteries and we estimate that they will give the user a 4 year lifespan. Lithium portable batteries are ideal if you need to transport your mobility scooter in the boot of a car as they can be charged off board and have a rapid charging time of 2-3 hours.

After receiving the measurements most airlines and coach companies will take a collapsible scooter as a whole, after removing the basket and battery if applicable. Alternatively, they can be divided into five or six parts; seat, battery, tiller, chassis, basket and the rear driving unit.


Foldable scooters allow you to remove the battery and unlock the tiller at its base before you fold it down so that it’s ready for transporting. They reduce to a compact shape, and can be packed into a travel case cover (usually an optional extra) and be freewheeled, just like a wheelie suitcase.


While non-spillable wet/dry cell batteries are (generally) deemed safe, lithium batteries will need to be removed from the scooter frame when boarding to avoid short-circuiting.


Another aspect to your environment is where you intend to keep the scooter. Not only do you need to keep your scooter dry and ideally at room temperature but you also to have a secure and waterproof place which is close to a power point to charge the scooter’s batteries.


The house garage is the ideal location to store a scooter where you don’t have any outside storage, however many users do not have this as an option and will store the scooter inside the home. Obviously, the user must be careful not to block any fire exists or cause a potential hazard when storing the scooter inside the home.



The final option is to store the scooter outside in a shed or under a cover. The user will have to think about getting power to the shed or cover and also ensure that the scooter is secure and not going to get damaged in anyway.

A real Premium Warranty

Magbility only supplies and supports UK based manufactures. That’s to say the mobility scooters we source are assembled and stored here in the UK. The suppliers are bound to comply with our laws to supply parts for the products they produce. That allows Magbility to supply a comprehensive 2 year warranty covering parts, labour and callout, giving you peace mind with every new mobility scooter sold.

What type of Mobility Scooter should I buy?


You do not require to pass any test or have a driving license and more often than not somebody who has recently lost their driving will turn to using a mobility scooter.


We would always recommend seeking some sort of medical advice before purchasing a mobility scooter. There are 2 class of scooters; class 2 are 4mph and limited to pavements and class 3 are 8mph and are road legal.


Should I buy a Travel Scooter?

Travel or portable scooters are designed to be transported in the boot of a car and the very latest models such as folding or lithium travel scooters have aluminium frames which makes them incredibly lightweight to pick up.


The downside to a travel scooter is that in order to get the overall weight of the scooter reduced they do compromise on comfort and suspension in comparison to a larger scooter.


Portable scooters also have a lower clearance and if you are planning to go up and down kerbs and rougher terrain a more heavy duty scooter might be the right way to go. It’s worth noting that some of the latest travel scooters do have better clearance and also incorporate suspension.


Heavy Terrain

The big question to think about when buying a scooter is to consider where you are going to be driving it. If it’s heavier terrain you plan on riding, or you live in an area that has lots of hills, this will impact the speed and overall performance of the scooter and this needs to be factored in to your decision.


Battery Range

Battery range is also another important factor when choosing the right scooter for the environment it will be travelling in. The bigger class 3 scooters will get up to 30 miles on a full charge where as a smaller scooter will do 8-10 miles. The landscape and terrain will also play a big factor in how long the battery will last and perform.


What entitles me to be VAT exempt?

A VAT exemption form will be filled out with you at the point of sale. So long as you have a long-term medical condition (that doesn’t consist of broken bones) this will entitle you to VAT exemption – for example arthritis, stroke, dementia.

Ways to find your perfect Mobility Scooter

Get expert advice with our needs based consultation over the phone. Call our advisors now on 01905 969 203 or request a call back below.

Discover our full product range in our latest brochure. Request to receive by post or email by completing the form linked to below.
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Why Magbility?

We are a leading mobility specialist dedicated to stylish design and the power of technology to enhance lives and deliver comfort.

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Rapid Home Delivery & Setup

Our industry-leading logistics and engineer network enables us to offer fast, efficient delivery and support.

Three distribution and installation hubs across the Midlands:
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Local Mobility Specialists


Magbility are your local mobility specialists. With disabled access showrooms spanning across Birmingham and Worcestershire we have over 20 years of experience in the mobility industry.

Professional In-house Delivery


We can deliver on a day and at a time that is convenient for you. Our professional in-house delivery team will arrive on site, set your new piece of mobility equipment up and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new mobility product.

Removal & Recycling Service


We can remove your used mobility scooter, powerchair, stairlift and furniture when we make your delivery. Just let us know in advance so we can ensure there is enough space on our delivery van. We recycle all old mobility furniture and scooter batteries.