Sunrise Medical Q300 mini

 Quickie Q300 M Mini Powerchair

The Can-Do Chair is here! Experience the freedom to go wherever you want with Sunrise Medical’s Quickie Q300 M Mini Powerchair. Boasting the narrowest mid-wheel drive technology at only 520 mm, maneuver tight spaces and corners with ease.

With a turning circle of only 1200 mm, this powerchair is perfect for small spaces and is just as agile outdoors. Don’t let a kerb or off-path stop you, the Q300 M Mini’s 4-pole motors will power you through with ease. A range of up to 36 km ensures you can enjoy extended adventures.

What’s more, feel safe and stable at all times with the all-wheel suspension system. The 35cm drive wheels easily tackle 70mm kerbs so you can keep going with confidence. This powerchair is packed with plenty of powered options and a fully-adjustable seating system, making it customizable to your unique needs.

Experience the ultimate in freedom and mobility with the Can-Do Chair, Quickie Q300 M Mini Powerchair.


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KerbClimber unto 70mm

Don’t let a lack of drop-kerbs hold you back any longer! Introducing the Q300 M Mini Powerchair, with its impressive 300 mm (12″) drive wheels, this chair can tackle kerbs up to 50 mm with ease.

But why stop there? Upgrade to 355 mm (14″) drive wheels and watch your powerchair handle kerbs up to 70 mm! Say goodbye to taking the long way round and experience true freedom of mobility.

With the Q300 M Mini Powerchair, you have the flexibility to navigate through any terrain with confidence. So the next time you encounter a kerb, know that your powerchair can handle it, no matter how tricky.

Don’t let lack of accessibility limit your ability to move freely. Upgrade to the Q300 M Mini Powerchair and enjoy the confidence to go wherever you want, whenever you want!

Explore the City..

Enjoy a Soft and Smooth Ride with the Patented All-Wheel Independent Suspension

Are you tired of feeling every bump and shock on the road when using your powerchair Look no further! The patented All-Wheel Independent Suspension ensures that all six wheels are in constant contact with the ground, even when climbing and transitioning obstacles.

The result, the Q300m gives a smooth and comfortable ride every time you hit the road. Any shocks or bumps are absorbed by the wheel’s suspension, providing a soft ride that’s easy on your body.

Whether you’re running errands in the city or exploring rough terrain, you can count on our All-Wheel Independent Suspension to provide reliable stability and comfort. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a sense of independence and mobility without feeling the rigors of the road.

Room to ManƓuvre

Revolutionize Your Mobility with True Mid-Wheel-Drive Technology

Introducing the Q300 M Mini Powerchair, equipped with True Mid-Wheel-Drive technology designed to transform your mobility experience.

Unlike RWD or FWD powerchairs that require the chair to swing around on either the front or rear wheels to turn, the Q300 M Mini Powerchair turns on the spot. This unique technology allows the Q300 M Mini to achieve an ultra-small turning circle of just 1120 mm – perfect for navigating through tight spaces with ease!

Don’t let mobility restrictions hold you back. With the Q300 M Mini Powerchair, you can finally enjoy a sense of independence, freedom, and mobility that adapts to your unique lifestyle.

Experience the difference of True Mid-Wheel-Drive technology and its superior maneuverability. Say goodbye to frustrating turning constraints and hello to unrestricted mobility today.

Try the Q300 M Mini Powerchair today and discover a whole new level of independence, comfort, and flexibility that will revolutionize your mobility.

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