Q700 Sedo Pro

Introducing the Q700® M, the power wheelchair with remarkable style, incredible manoeuvrability and performance. This mid-wheel drive base is loaded with advanced features like the all new SpiderTrac™ 2.0 sports suspension for an exceptionally smooth ride, plus QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons so you can personalise your experience. You’ll also benefit from the popular SEDEO® PRO seating system, which offers superior comfort without compromising support. For top notch control and intuitive driving capabilities, the Q700m delivers on every level – so you can confidently enjoy the ultimate driving experience. Whether you’re seeking independence and convenience or just want to explore in style, this power wheelchair is sure to provide an unforgettable experience every time.


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Flip Back Armrest

Flip back armrest
The easy to operate flip back armrest gives you free transfer space. You can choose from a removable or reclining version (the latter is shown on the image to the right).
Also available: Single post removable armrest. All compatible with 5 armpad options.
Introducing the Q700m! This revolutionary recliner chair offers superior comfort, convenience, and reliability. The anti-shear backrest provides superior support and prevents any sliding or slipping between you and the cushion. You can choose from a fixed backrest or two other reclining options – mechanical or with actuators – to get just the right amount of support. The 100 mm of anti-shear technology ensures that no matter which option you choose, comfort is always king.

Positioning ..

Positioning elements
Many positioning elements are available like SEDEO headrests & WHITMYER headrests, swing away lateral thoracic supports, thigh supports or knee supports.
All positioning elements are easily swing away or detachable.

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