Abri- San, Premium 11

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Specification: Units per pack 16 Ctn /64
Pad Size – 730mm 29(length)
370mm 14.5 (width)

Absorbency: 2400ml
Suitable for: Heavy Incontinence
Colours: White

Size: Pad Size – 730mm 29(length) x 370mm 14.5 (width)

Abri-San 5-11 is our premium range of anatomically shaped pads for moderate to heavy incontinence. The products features the Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity. Units per pack 25 Ctn /100

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These incontinence pads are designed to be worn with special Stretch Support Pants to ensure a closer fit to the body. They’re body shaped to give a close fit to ensure comfort and leakage security. When necessary these incontinence pads can be easily removed and should be hygienically disposed of. Ultimate leakage protection from barriers extended right to the edge of the pad, and built-in cross barriers to the front and back.
100% breathability for healthy skin and optimum comfort
Top-Dry-System for dry surface to protect the skin
Efficient core technology for fast absorption
Anatomically shaped for better fit
Leakage barriers for extra protection
Wetness indicator with graduation scale
Odour Control

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