Quickie Life R

The Quickie Life R is the perfect aid for anyone just getting started with active wheelchairs. Its adjustable design enables new users to effortlessly transition from a passive posture to an energy-efficient, dynamic position without needing extra components or repairs. Moreover, its rigid box frame ensures excellent rolling capabilities and long lasting durability that can stand up even against wear and tear over time.


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With the Life, you can ensure that your first active wheelchair is as comfortable and secure for you in its initial set-up compared to more experienced users. By offering a wide range of adjustable features—including 6 cm centre of gravity adjustment, 8cm rear seat height changeability, and 1 – 4° wheel camber adaptability without any extra parts needed—you will have greater confidence while developing those important wheelchair skills. For additional stability at the start life also offers fold-down push handles plus anti-tips.

Configurable Seating

The Life R seating system is designed to offer maximum comfort and support for individuals with disabilities. Adjustable backrests, arm rests, side guards, plus a choice of either fixed or swing-away front end provides an array of options tailored to your individual clinical needs while ensuring the highest level of stability and performance possible.


The Life R wheelchair is renowned in the NHS for its robust design and crash-tested build, featuring three stabiliser bars that provide superior stability. Despite being a step down from higher-end models , it still retains lightweight customisation options taken directly from these more advanced varieties – like carbon fibre sideguards and foot platform to reduce energy needs on day-to-day journeys. A great choice if you’re looking for dependable performance with modern lightness.

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