The RS offers a variety of positioning solutions, and is built with growth adjustability to accommodate children’s bodies as they grow. Perfectly suited to meet your child’s functional requirements, it interfaces easily with third-party specialist seating systems. With its robust design and strong frame, this chair will support your child’s active lifestyle and make their wheelchair experience safe, comfortable and worry-free


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Introducing the Rea Clematis, the ultimate wheel chair for those looking to provide exceptional care and pressure relief for their child. Thoughtfully engineered, this modern wheelchair provides up to 45° of tilt-in-space support that makes it easier than ever to keep your little one comfortable while they ride. Its smooth operation is achieved with no gas struts and its seat frame provides rotation around a wheelbase that keeps its overall length compact as possible. An optional reclining backrest upgrade allows children to relax in a leisurely position, perfect for extended times in the chair.

Safe & smooth

With the Zippie RS Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair, you and your child will experience a safe and comfortable ride no matter where the journey takes you. It has been engineered to help regulate posture and the center of gravity, allowing for a smooth and controlled tilt of up to 45 degrees while being stable over an incredibly short wheelbase. This budget-friendly option doesn’t come at the cost of options either; it is highly adjustable and can be tailored to your child’s individual needs as they grow. Its adjustable seat depth ranges from 37.5 cm to 45 cm, ensuring continued support through progressive diseases or developmental changes that may occur throughout various stages of life. For added peace of mind, it also comes with crash test certification – protecting you and your child no matter how far your adventure takes you.

Future Growth

Its advanced adjustable design meets the ever-changing needs of growing kids, allowing for a custom fit for optimal posture and positioning. The RS comes with a third-party seating system that is sourced from our partnered specialist paediatric seating manufacturers, meaning that you can always be certain you’re getting the highest quality in terms of safety, stability, and longevity. This product is the perfect solution for parents who want the best for their child without compromising on style or quality.

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