The Agile wheelchair by Karma is a top-notch choice for those seeking a functional and budget-friendly option. With superior quality and proven safety, this lightweight chair is crash-tested and ready for occupied transport. Choose from three seat sizes and either a self-propelled or transit configuration to meet your unique needs. Add a modern touch of style to your mobility with the Agile wheelchair.


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Configured 3 Sizes

The Agile lightweight wheelchair offers unparalleled mobility and convenience. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate users of different dimensions, this chair can support up to 125 kg while weighing as little as 12 kg when folded. Its compact folded size allows for easy transportation in nearly any vehicle, granting users unprecedented independence and spontaneity. Whether configured for attendant-propelled transit or self-propelled with large rear wheels, the Agile chair delivers an ideal blend of comfort, adjustability, and practicality for active lifestyles. Its sleek yet sturdy design is suited for both everyday and travel use. Overall, the Agile chair enables and enhances mobility with minimal impact or impediment.

Adjustable Rear Axle

hrough thoughtful engineering, the Agile frame allows for adjustable components that grant the rider greater control over the riding experience. The rear wheel axle plate, in particular, offers unique versatility—by adapting its position, one can configure the axle to sit further forward or further back. This impacts the weight distribution and handling of the vehicle, enabling the rider to optimize the Agile for either stability or efficiency depending on the terrain and riding conditions. With this clever yet straightforward adjustment, the Agile proves itself a versatile vehicle suited to a range of riding styles and adventures.


The Agile wheelchair is designed with safety, comfort, and ease of use in mind for both the user and caregiver. Its innovative features, such as flip-back armrests and height-adjustable, removable footrests, allow for quick and effortless transfers without compromising the user’s mobility or positioning. Optional upgrades tailor the chair to individual needs, enabling a customized experience that enhances independence and quality of life. With an emphasis on agility and adaptability, the Agile delivers an unparalleled transfer experience

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