One Rehab Vogue Lithium

Lithium Vogue – the stylish and comfortable scooter that delivers both mobility and convenience. Equipped with a 10Ah Lithium battery, this lightweight battery only weighs 3kg, making it easy to carry to your charging station. Its all-round suspension system provides a smoother ride and adds to your comfort. Need more power for longer distances? Opt for the Endurance 21Ah Lithium battery box option. Even better, the Lithium Vogue is easy to disassemble into five parts in just 30 seconds, making lifting and transporting a breeze.

£1,400.00 (excl. VAT)
£1,680.00 (incl. VAT)

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Lithium Power

This sleek scooter boasts a 10Ah Lithium battery, housed in an ultra-lightweight box that weighs just 3 kg – making it effortless to transport to your charging point. But for those who want to go the extra mile, the optional Endurance 21Ah Lithium battery box provides even greater range.

Car Friendly

The Vogue canr be instantly disassembled into its five components and easily reassembled at destination. The heaviest part only weighs 15kg, so even a solo traveler can easily manage it. The design makes it easy to store even when not in use. Off-board charging means you can pack the scooter away and take the battery home to charge.


This lightweight and nimble scooter has an impressive full front and rear suspension for added comfort, something that is uncommon on portable scooters. In addition, LED lights are also equipped, making it safe to drive during both day and night. With its extra features – shock absorbers, LED lights, and ease of portability

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