Quantum Rehab Sparky

The Jazzy® Sparky by Quantum Rehab is the perfect powered wheelchair for your child. With its unique features and exceptional design, this chair provides maximum rehab capability without compromising comfort or mobility. It is designed specifically to fit the needs of paediatric users, with a tight turning radius and adjustable manual tilt-and-powered recline system making it one of the most versatile in its field. This chair’s high performance lets your child keep up with today’s active lifestyles, while being comfortable in tight spaces. The robust construction ensures an enduring lifespan and makes cleaning easy. The Sparky is an ideal option for those looking for a dependable and reliable power wheelchair that will give their child the freedom they need.

£3,310.00 (excl. VAT)
£3,310.00 (incl. VAT)

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Fully customisable seating

Fully customisable back rest

PG VR2 controller

Making it easier for your child to control the power chair. Intuitive, simple and effective.

Electronic tilt

Power Recline
The Sparky by Quantum Rehab has 30 deg of powered tilt in space.

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