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Travel, Folding & Rigid Active Wheelchairs

A new wheelchair will help you regain your freedom and independence.  Magbility has a full range of wheelchairs from self propel, to lightweight folding travel. We have a huge range of wheelchairs in our showrooms and have a price to suit every budget.

We offer a full assessment either at one of our showrooms or in the home.  We also have rehab trained members of staff on hand to advise you and guide you through the ranges to ensure we get the right chair for you and your needs.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair

Getting a wheelchair is  a great idea for people looking for a simple and cost effective way of getting around the home or out and about without investing in a motorised version.

Our range of travel chairs are lightweight and fold easily for transportation and can easily be put in the boot of a car..

For larger, heavier users Bariatric wheelchairs are available.

Choosing the right wheelchair is a big decision and requires the person using the chair along with friends, family and carers to think about where the chair will be used and will it need to be transported easily.




Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs  are ideal for people who wish to be able to propel themselves.  To be able to propel yourself you will need reasonably good upper body strength .  The large back wheels will have a quick release mechanism for transportation and there are a variety of makes and models to choose from.

Transit Wheelchairs and Travel Wheelchairs

Designed for attendant control, transit wheelchairs and travel wheelchairs are best for transporting users over a short distance. Ergonomic handles at the back help the attendant or carer to propel the wheelchair with minimal effort, with cable brakes often included for extra control.

Ideal for pushing people around outdoors or indoors. Great for travel.

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